Heritage and Museums Seminar Series


Heritage and Museums Seminar Series

The Centre holds a series of monthly seminars on current issues in the field. 

Upcoming events

Ien Ang, ‘Chinatowns and the rise of China’

4–5.30pm 21 Mar 2019

This paper discusses how Chinatowns today are increasingly contested sites where older diasporic understandings of Chineseness are unsettled by newer,...

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Professional Ethics and the ‘Caring’ Museum Symposium

9.30am–4.30pm 25 Mar 2019

Hosted by the Centre for Heritage and Museum Studies (CHMS), The Australian National University in collaboration with the Institute of Cultural Capital (ICC),...

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Jordy Silverstein, ‘“Children Drowning”: the violence and resilience of a narrative’

11.30am–12.30pm 27 Mar 2019

The narrative that asylum seekers coming to Australia by boat should be stopped – and either turned back or imprisoned – in order to ‘prevent children drowning...

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Cultural Resilience, Resurgence and Rimix in the Kimberley and Vanuatu

11am–12.30pm 3 Apr 2019

This seminar will bring together a panel of cultural practitioners from the Kimberley and Vanuatu in conversation about their perspectives on, and practices of...

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Travelling Heritage Narratives – China’s Adoption of the ‘Heritage under Threat’ Narrative

11.30am–12.30pm 17 Apr 2019

Narratives around heritage are continuously developed and disseminated across the globe. The narrative of ‘heritage under threat’ tells the story of how and...

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Catherine Grant, ‘Intangible cultural heritage and music sustainability’

11.30am–12.30pm 15 May 2019

Partly in response to UNESCO’s pronouncements about the rapid and extensive loss of intangible cultural heritage, research into ‘music sustainability’ has...

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Past events

After the Relational Museum: A Question of Identity

24 Oct 2017

The Relational Museum project was conceived of as a way of exploring the inherent dynamism of museums. They were not sets of static objects, out of contexts,...

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“Negotiating the child record” & “Co-producing The Danish Welfare Museum”

11 Oct 2017

Negotiating the child record When adult care-leavers read their own child records, they often become frustrated, not able to recognize or identify with the...

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Cultural Heritage Fever in China: Discourse and Practices

26 May 2017

Abstract: Since the UNESCO World Heritage Convention was ratified by China in 1985, the country has had fifty of its national sites inscribed as World...

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Encounters with cultural material in museum collections: an Indigenous perspective

28 Apr 2017

Abstract: Successfully navigating the collection repositories of museums is a challenging and nuanced task. Indigenous cultural objects in museum collections...

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“Shared Management of Cultural and Natural Landscapes”

21 Apr 2017

“Shared Management of Cultural and Natural Landscapes” By Keven Francis Abstract: The seminar presents my PhD Thesis and associated visual practice Exegesis...

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“Karajarri Cultural Database: reclaiming information and knowledge to inform land management and influence policy development”

24 Mar 2017

By Sam Bayley, Anna Dwyer, Mervyn Mulardy, Wynston Sesar-Shovellor & Sylvia Shovellor Karajarri Traditional Lands Association – Indigenous Protected Area...

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Shedding Light on Ancient Inscriptions using 3D Models – a report on collaboration between the ANU and the British Museum

10 Mar 2017

This talk reports on a project which saw the production of 3D digital replicas of a sample set of cuneiform tablets housed at the British Museum. The talk will...

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Remembering the Lattimer Massacre: Issues of Labor Justice in Northern Appalachia

13 Oct 2016

In 1897, immigrant coal miners in Northeastern Pennsylvania went on strike to gain similar wages earned by their white, English speaking co-workers. At a...

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Claiming, Re-claiming and Celebrating Underrepresented Heritage

5 Oct 2016

Civil Society Organizations, governments at all levels, educational and research institutions, and others identify and represent heritage in various and...

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Fashioning Heritage

1 Oct 2016

With the exception of 2010 and 2011, each year from 1993 the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders meet and dress in ‘political fancy dress’. It is...

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