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Resolutions of the APY Law and Culture Council General Meeting at Umuwa on 13th May 2014

Re the Ngintaka Songline Exhibition and Book produced by Aṉanguku Arts and  Culture Aboriginal Corporation with the Songlines Project

Chairman: APY Law and Culture Chairperson Murray George,
Interpreter: Yalariti Adamson
Present were senior Ngintaka Traditional Owners from across APY Lands,
The Plaintiffs and Defendants in the case of Lester vs Ananguku Arts
Directors of Ananguku Arts and NPYWC and APY Council
and representatives of the Songlines ARC Project.

Anangu men met separately to discuss whether secret sacred information had been revealed in the exhibition or the book. They all agreed it had not. Then the APY Law and Culture Council General Meeting discussed all issues and unanimously passed the following resolutions:

  1. That there is nothing secret or restricted in Ngintaka exhibition.
  2. Ngiṉtaka exhibition went ahead with proper permission from the right people, right TO’s.
  3. Ini “Ngiṉtaka” - that name is being used correctly in the Exhibition, with proper permission.
  4. Maps do not show the names of any places that are secret or restricted and the words with the maps are palya correct also.
  5. There is no secret or restricted business shown or spoken in the Videos.
  6. There is no problem with inma or the showing of the nyuti in the Exhibition. They are properly about the Ngiṉtaka story and are not secret or restricted.
  7. The rock art cave video is not secret or restricted. It is uwankaraku, open for everyone to see. It is palya correct to include in exhibition about Ngiṉtaka.
  8. The standing jumping perentie by Tingila Young is palya. It is proper for the Ngiṉtaka story.
  9. The Ngiṉtaka story is not only for us. It is OK to share the Ngiṉtaka story with people all around Australia and all around the world.
  10. The court case should finish now. It has been resolved by Aṉangu under Aṉangu Law.

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