Dr Margot L Lyon

Dr Margot L Lyon

Position: Visiting Fellow
School and/or Centres: School of Archaeology and Anthropology

Email: margot.lyon@anu.edu.au


Ph.D. and M.A. University of California (Berkeley); B.A. Cornell University

Researcher profile: https://researchers.anu.edu.au/researchers/lyon-ml?term=lyon

Areas of Expertise

  • Social and Cultural Anthropology 160104
  • Social Theory 160806
  • Sociology and Social Studies of Science and Technology 160808
  • Studies of Asian Society 169903


Critical medical anthropology, including comparative biomedical systems and theories of sickness and healing; the anthropology of pharmaceuticals, particularly changing patterns of medicine use in developing countries; emotion and social theory; embodiment and emotion; Island Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia; globalisation and change.

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