Mr Ken Ross

Position: PhD candidate in Archeology
School and/or Centres: School of Archaeology and Anthropology


Location: College of the Arts and Social Sciences A.D. Hope Building (#14) Australian National University Canberra ACT 0200 Australia

Research Title

The Identity at Death of the Old and Young from the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages on the Southeast Asian Mainland


This mortuary research will seek to identify and explain the attitudes and behaviour towards the old and young, at death, by those living survivors, in the prehistory of the Southeast Asian mainland through the examination of mortuary data spanning the Neolithic (2000BCE-1500BCE) to the Iron Age (500BCE-500CE).

Specifically, the objectives of this research, primarily by re-analysing previously published information, but also through the analysis of biological remains, zoological remains and material culture, will be to identify and discuss, in relation to old adults and juveniles:

  1. the attitudes and  perception towards these individuals by the living population;
  2. the evidence for normative and differential or atypical burial treatment within, and across, specified age-based cohorts;
  3. the evidence from older adult and juvenile burials that supports an inference of the transition across the life-cycle (i.e. from birth to death);
  4. socially constructed identities, and the individual age-based or sex-based categories that each applies to; and
  5. mortuary evidence demonstrating the ritual significance, either active or passive, of the old and young within, and across, each population.


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