Anthropology Seminar


Fouzieyha Towghi
Anthropology Seminar

Mondays  3:00-4:30pm

Marie Reay Teaching Centre, Kambri / Room 3.05, Building 155

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No events in this series are currently scheduled. Details of future events will be posted as they become available.

Past events

The Toe Dialogues

2 Mar 2020

The Toe Dialogues: Adventures in Predatory Publishing  About the Lecture: The open access movement has spawned hundreds of new journals that spam academics...

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Dreams of the Wild

24 Feb 2020

About the Lecture: There are parallels in the ways rural communities in eastern Australia and island Papua New Guinea experience and anticipate the impact of...

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Being ‘Born Again’: Muslim Youth and The Growth of Urban and Virtual Piety

23 Oct 2019

  The Indonesian da’wa (Islamic proselytising) scene is increasingly experiencing transformation. During the advent of Islam in the archipelago, promoters of...

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Blade, skin and screen: (Re-)assembling self-harm through social media

16 Oct 2019

Self-harm discussions and images on social media have been a recent focus of concern across academia, policy and the media. Cross-sectoral calls for online...

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Ghost Twitter in Australia: Sentience, Agency and Ontological Difference

9 Oct 2019

In this paper, I argue that distinguishing between attributions of sentience and agency is a crucial analytical step to take when considering ontological and...

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In search of social protection: The government of poverty and the evolution of entitlements on Indonesia’s rural periphery

2 Oct 2019

In response to enduring problems of poverty across the global south, social protection policies (SPPs) have emerged as the main policy approach, with over 60...

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Working with the Carpenters’ Cord: Stories in the Shaping of Ethnography

18 Sep 2019

The process of making ethnographic texts is sometimes described in terms of “crafting” with particular “tools". Might insights gained from actual craftspeople...

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Developing relations: Rethinking Development, Intervention and Dependency Among Nayaka Forest Dwellers in South India

4 Sep 2019

“Dependency” has long been described by welfare and development workers as one of the central problems of the indigenous (Adivasi) communities of the Nilgiri...

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Ethnographic Writing, Working with Theory, and Publication Strategies with Mark Goodale

3 Sep 2019

Registration is required, contact This two-hour interactive workshop will cover various problems of interest to anthropologists...

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Dual Exposure: Transcendental Harm in the Islamic Ontology of Pollution in Tunisia

28 Aug 2019

Exposure to harmful substances typically occurs through the entanglements of bodies and materials in late industrialism. How this exposure is measured depends...

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