Biological Anthropology Research Seminar


Biological Anthropology Research Seminar

Biological Anthropology Research Seminar

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Injured, maimed, and impaired: Female experiences of physical impairment and disability in medieval Scotland

19 May 2022

 Within medieval society, perceptions of disability and able-bodiedness were largely based on the extent to which an individual was able to perform the...

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Tales teeth tell: Diet, health and toxin exposure in our ancient ancestors

5 May 2022

Dental tissues contain remarkably faithful records of their development through time, best represented by daily incremental features in enamel and dentine....

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Ancient human bone histology and behaviour in Holocene Asia-Pacific

21 Apr 2022

Bone remodelling processes are influenced by lifestyle, health, disease, and environmental factors. Dr Miszkiewicz’s research investigates these processes and...

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Micro-evolutionary changes in our hominin cousins

24 Mar 2022

Paranthropus robustus is a small-brained, large-toothed hominin species endemic to southern Africa. Thought to be well understood, recent discoveries have shed...

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Impacts of maternal exposure to severe tropical cyclones on birth outcomes

10 Mar 2022

The first 1,000 days of life are crucial in a child’s cognitive and physical development. The Developmental Origins of Health & Disease hypothesis...

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Early Career Showcase

21 Oct 2021

For this week's seminar, we are showcasing Early Career Researchers in Biological Anthropology at the ANU. Adam Bode is a PhD student in Anthropology at the...

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Identity, Poverty and the Great Irish Famine: Insights from Bioarchaeology

23 Sep 2021

Food and diet were identity class markers in nineteenth-century Ireland, which became evident as nearly one million people, primarily the poor and destitute,...

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Exploring the Impacts of Hunting and Logging on Endangered Gibbons and other Primates in Veun Sai- Siem Pang National Park, Cambodia

19 Aug 2021

Looking for a distraction from the perils of lockdown? Look no further, the next instalment of the BIAN Seminar Series 2021 is here! For our next seminar we...

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Exploring stress and social inequality through the lens of spatial bioarchaeology

20 May 2021

Zoom Link : Advances in the bioarchaeological conceptualization of inequality have emphasized social power the driver of variation in social...

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Weaning Behaviour and Diet of Australopithecus Africanus

6 May 2021

The last three million years have been characterised by strong climatic instability that drove many species to extinction. Australopithecus africanus lived in...

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