Biological Anthropology Research Seminar


Biological Anthropology Research Seminar

Biological Anthropology Research Seminar

No events in this series are currently scheduled. Details of future events will be posted as they become available.

Past events

The emergence of inequality in the transition from forager to sedentary lives

5 Mar 2020

Almost all living humans live in social world that are profoundly unequal in wealth and influence. By the standard of deep human history, that is a recent...

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The cost of fertility: maternal mortality and morbidity during ancient demographic transitions

17 Oct 2019

Bioarchaeological accounts of the relationship between fertility, maternal and infant mortality have been limited by the inability to measure the prevalence of...

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Biomechanics of the primate mandible in health and post fracture fixation

3 Oct 2019

Mandible (lower jaw) fractures account for approximately 30-40% of skull trauma and are multifactorial, including congenital disorders, cancer, assault, and...

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Babies, brains, tools, & war: Trends in human evolution

2 Jul 2019

Natural selection for walking on two legs (bipedalism) in our ancestors was associated with evolutionary-developmental (‘evo-devo’) changes in the physical...

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A world shrouded in darkness: Accounting for variance in the Dark Triad traits around the world

30 May 2019

The Dark Triad traits (i.e., narcissism, psychopathy, Machiavellianism) capture individual differences in darker aspects of personality. However, most studies...

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