Biological Anthropology Research Seminar


Biological Anthropology Research Seminar

Biological Anthropology Research Seminar

No events in this series are currently scheduled. Details of future events will be posted as they become available.

Past events

Early Career Showcase

21 Oct 2021

For this week's seminar, we are showcasing Early Career Researchers in Biological Anthropology at the ANU. Adam Bode is a PhD student in Anthropology at the...

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Identity, Poverty and the Great Irish Famine: Insights from Bioarchaeology

23 Sep 2021

Food and diet were identity class markers in nineteenth-century Ireland, which became evident as nearly one million people, primarily the poor and destitute,...

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Exploring the Impacts of Hunting and Logging on Endangered Gibbons and other Primates in Veun Sai- Siem Pang National Park, Cambodia

19 Aug 2021

Looking for a distraction from the perils of lockdown? Look no further, the next instalment of the BIAN Seminar Series 2021 is here! For our next seminar we...

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Exploring stress and social inequality through the lens of spatial bioarchaeology

20 May 2021

Zoom Link : Advances in the bioarchaeological conceptualization of inequality have emphasized social power the driver of variation in social...

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Weaning Behaviour and Diet of Australopithecus Africanus

6 May 2021

The last three million years have been characterised by strong climatic instability that drove many species to extinction. Australopithecus africanus lived in...

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The Evolution of the Osteobiography: Medical Curiosities to Integrated Human Microhistories

25 Mar 2021

About this Seminar First coined by forensic anthropologist Clyde Snow in the 1970s, the term “osteobiography” broadly refers to the reconstruction of key...

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Masculine Behavioural Dynamics in Human Self-Domestication

11 Mar 2021

About the seminar Domestication related research suggests past selection against aggressive reactivity prompted a range of correlated changes in domesticated...

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Craniometric differences in mountain gorilla populations: New skeletal material from Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda

25 Feb 2021

Gorilla biology provides an important framework for reconstructing variation in the primate lineage and understanding the ecological factors shaping this...

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The human-ape interface in an unprotected Cameroonian forest

22 Oct 2020

Abstract The Cross River gorilla (Gorilla gorilla diehli) and the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes ellioti) are two relatively unknown ape taxa...

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The impact of tourism on gibbons: developing best practice guidelines from case studies in Cambodia and China

15 Oct 2020

Abstract  Nature-based tourism can be a useful conservation tool in regions of high biodiversity value if based on scientific research.  Despite the existence...

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