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Current - Archaeology Research Students

Cameron, Alyce
Thesis title:Qualitative and quantitative methods of determining the short term rate and nature of bone deterioration.

Cave, Christine
Thesis title: Living with one foot in the grave: The Implications of Being Old in Pagan Anglo-Saxon England

Cobbold, Emily
Thesis title: Methodological Innovation for Integrating Skeletal Material and Objects in Burial

Fitzgerald, Catherine
Thesis title: Modelling Decomposition as a Taphonomic Process

Griffiths, Ruwangi 'Ru'
Thesis title: The origin of Henges: their construction and cosmological associations in Scotland

Knight, Thomas
Thesis title: Aboriginal sacred landscapes in southern New South Wales

Marshall, Sylvia
Thesis title: Magyar Origins: a case study in the history of archaeological thought on ethnogenesis

McFadden, Clare
Thesis title: Palaeopathologies and Diet Indicators in Pleistocene Australian Mammals

Meyer, Juliet
Thesis title: Researching taphonomic processes and excavation techniques of contemporary mass graves

Perri, Gavin
Thesis title:Monotremes and the biogeographical history of Australia and New Guinean the late Pleistocene.

Robertson, Sarah
Thesis title: Differential diagnosis of cribra orbitalia at Christ Church Spitalfields via micro-CT analysis

Ross, Ken
Thesis title: The Identity at Death of the Old and Young from the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages on the Southeast Asian Mainland

Wickham, Ross
Thesis title: Emergence of sedentary society

Current - Anthropology Research Students

Anderson, Drew
Thesis title: NGO s Working with Youth in Indigenous Australia

 Armytage, Rosita
Thesis title: The Business Elite: the Creation and Protection of Privilege and Power in Pakistan

Thesis title:Understanding Reasons of School Drop Out Between Elementary and High School Level in Contemporary Rural and Urban Biak, Papua Provence

Betz, Stephanie
Thesis title : TBA

Brown, Julia
Thesis title: Experiences of Self and Health in Schizophrenia Treatment 

Chang, Ying-Cheng
Thesis title: Discussing Indigenous tourism from a local perspective

Esmero, Nomer
Thesis title: Philippine Rice Program

Fisher, Maxe
Thesis title: Speed jeans: Ideas of Making

Foster, Rosemary
Thesis title: Socio-cultural factors in Aboriginal health in settled Australia

Gordon, Elizabeth
Thesis title: Women s Throat - Singing in Tuva

Hayes, Paul
Thesis title: Migration in Northern Sudan

Hegarty, Benjamin
Thesis title: Globalised transgender and its relationship to political economy in Indonesia

Kinch, Jeff
Thesis title: Changing Lives and Livelihoods: The Political Ecology of Brooker Island , Milne Bay Province , Papua New Guinea

Leary, Andrew
Thesis title: Where the Herds had Passed the Night, Where Stood the Tents, Where their Coffeepots had Rested: Tourism, Bedouin identity, change and continuity in Southern Jordan

Le Marseny, Stuart
Thesis title: Social change in Cape York, Queensland

McNamara, Owen
Relationship between economic and environmental transformations

Mosca, Francesca
Thesis title: The social situation of Romanian Roma in Rome

O'Donnell, Megan
Thesis title : Effects of bushfire exposure on birth outcomes: A life history theory perspective

Pollock, Ian
Preliminary Thesis title: The Value of Cloth: Economic Transformation in Eastern Indonesia

Pezzutto, Sophie
Thesis Title:

Shah, Faisal
Thesis title: Participation and Participatory Development: A Case of Rural Support Programmes of Pakistan

Shakuto, Shiori
Thesis title: Anxious Intimacy: Negotiating Gender, Value and Belonging among Japanese Retirees in Malaysia

Skousgaard, Heather
Thesis title:
The Social Construction of Spiritual Value: spirituality in the Pub.

Sultana, Fouzia
Thesis title: Politics of “Governance” for Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries: Bangladesh as Case Study

Tan, May Jen
Thesis title:
Teenage Tiwi Islanders and their music.

Tangit, Trixie
Thesis title: Ethnicity and Belonging in Sabah (Malaysian Borneo): The Kadazandusuns

Tashi, Kelzang
Thesis title: Contested past, challenging future: Bon tradition in contemporary Bhutan

Theobald, Simon
Thesis Title : Desiring Perfection: Utopia and its critics in contemporary Iran

Thornton, Mia
Thesis title: Cultural Globalisation and Citizenship: National Museums in Multicultural Societies

Wohlan, Catherine
Thesis title: Economics and Social Change on the Dampier Peninsula, Western Australia

Current - Biological Anthropology Research Students

Fam, Shun Deng
Thesis title: Primate and Mammal Ecology , and Human Devlopment at a Hydroelectric Dam in Borneo

Gerrard, Grayson
Thesis Title: Factoring the Hominin Infant into the Origin of Bipedalism

Gilbert, Felicity
Thesis title:Modelling Decomposition in Aqueous Environments to Determine Time Since Death

MacFarlane, Nicole
Thesis title:What are the effects of differing water types on the decomposition of bone in aquatic contexts, and what implications does this research have for understanding post mortem interval?

Watson, Lindsay
Thesis title:  A New Method for determining age ijn juvenile remains from SE Asia


Current - ICCR Research Students

Andrews, Jilda
Thesis title: Reassessing institutional collection practices with producer community perspectives

Bullock, Veronica
Thesis Title: Weaving a wicked discourse for Australia’s sustainability challenges

Chiu, Tzu Yu
Thesis title: Museum as a Public Sphere: Exploring the Potential of the City Museum

Coghlan, Rachael
Thesis title: Family Learning in (social) history museums

Lamb, Karina
Thesis title: Objects can speak: Indigenous language and the object in Australian and New Zealand museums

Marshall, Melissa
Thesis title: 21st Century Approaches to the Conservation of Rock Art Sites in Australia: with a focus on western Arnhem Land and the Kimberley Region

McKenzie, Robyn
Thesis title: The String Figures of Yirrkala

Parker, Laura
Thesis title: Police Museums

Perkin, Corinne
Thesis title: TBA

Zhang, Rouran
Thesis title: Value in change :  What Does World Heritage Nomination Bring To Cultural Landscape Sites In China

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