Anthropology Seminar Series


Yasmine Musharbash and Matt Tomlinson
Anthropology Seminar Series

2021 Seminars


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Semester 1 2021


Monday 15 March 3:00-4:00pm

Oona Paredes, University of California – Los Angeles

Founders and Settlers: Unpacking Indigeneity among the Higaunon Lumad in Mindanao


Monday 22 March 3:00-4:00pm

Alex Golub, University of Hawai‘i – Mānoa

Whose ‘Failed State?': Connecting Contemporary Law and Order Issues in Enga Province To Its Colonial Past


Monday 29 March 3:00-4:00pm

Tess Lea, University of Sydney

Wild Policy: a theory. method and activation


Monday 19 April 3:00-4:00pm

Benjamin Hegarty, University of Melbourne

The State-Issued ‘Identity Card’ as Visual Medium in Postauthoritarian Indonesia


Monday 3 May Special start time 2:00pm

Ilana Gershon, Indiana University

Put Your Mask On!: Contractual Sociality at Work in the Pandemic    


Monday 10 May Special start time 4:00pm

Alice Rudge, University College London

The Known and the Unknown: Sensing Others in the Batek's Forest, Malaysia


Monday 17 May 3:00-4:00pm

Lawrence Gross, University of Redlands


Post Apocalypse Stress Syndrome in the Age of COVID-19


Monday 24 May 3:00-4:00pm

Philip Fountain, Victoria University–Wellington

Humanitarian Confessions: Ethnography, Autobiography and the Locations of Religion in Aidland


Semester 2 2021


Monday 2 August 3:00-4:00pm

Malini Sur, Western Sydney University

Jungle Passports: Fences, Mobility and Citizenship at the Northeast India-Bangladesh Border


Monday 9 August 3:00-4:00pm

Courtney Handman, University of Texas – Austin

Unnatural Languages: Conversion, Deception, and the Colonial Limits of the Human


Monday 16 August 3:00-4:00pm

Carlos Mondragón, Colegio de México

Of Winds, Worms and Fertility: The Meci Festival in Timor-Leste


Monday 23 August 3:00-4:00pm

Caroline Schuster, Australian National University

Weedy Finance: Insurance and the Quest for Parameters on Unstable Grounds


Monday 30 August 3:00-4:00pm

Joanne Thurman, Australian National University

Warlpiri Materiality


Monday 20 September 3:00-4:00pm

Arzoo Osanloo, University of Washington



Monday 27 September 3:00-4:00pm

Andrea Ballestero, Rice University

Expanding the Social World Downwards: Aquifers and Post-Extractivist Futures in Costa Rica


Monday 11 October 3:00-4:00pm

Eve Vincent, Macquarie University

Look After Them?: Life on Welfare in Australia Today


Monday 18 October Special start time 12:00pm

Webb Keane, University of Michigan

The Ethical, the Political, and the Moral Economy


Monday 25 October 3:00-4:00pm

Holly High, Deakin University

“Can You Policy”? Policy as a Verb in Lao PDR



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Meeting ID: 937 9210 4939 

Passcode: 800615

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Upcoming events

Put Your Mask On! Contractual Sociality at Work in the Pandemic

2–3pm 3 May 2021

For many Americans, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced them to re-evaluate how the workplace functions as a site of private government. In every workplace, there...

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Past events

The State-Issued ‘Identity Card’ as Visual Medium in Postauthoritarian Indonesia

19 Apr 2021

In the political environment that followed the authoritarian New Order in Indonesia (approx. ’65-‘98), various minority groups assert that access to...

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Wild Policy: a theory, method and activation

29 Mar 2021

In this talk, anthropologist Tess Lea will speak to her new book, Wild Policy: Indigeneity and the Unruly Logics of Intervention (2020, Stanford UP). The book...

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Founders and Settlers: Unpacking Indigeneity among the Higaunon Lumad in Mindanao

15 Mar 2021

In the Philippines, there is a stark disconnect between the static notion of indigeneity legalised by the state and the emic concepts employed by Indigenous...

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Escaping Natures: an Ethnography of Life and Rent in Gran Sabana, Venezuela

26 Oct 2020

Participants in the Wings Project (Proyecto Alas) sublimated all the characteristics of escapist visits to the Gran Sabana region, in southern Venezuela. A few...

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Anthropology of Childhood Memory: Family Photographs and Autobiographical Remembering

19 Oct 2020

In this talk, Ms Helga (Girschik) Griffin and myself will talk about the life story of German civilians who moved to Persia (Iran) during 1930s for the...

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Fashion Forward: rewriting history and place in Oceania

12 Oct 2020

The opening pages of Joanne Entwistle’s book The Fashioned Body (2015) asks an intriguing question: does fashion refer only to dress and adornment found in...

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Comparative Austronesian Relationship Terminologies

28 Sep 2020

This is an exercise in what may be deemed ‘old fashioned’ anthropology. Based on a database of approximately 450 Austronesian terminologies and a methodology...

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Flatlands and Identity Politics: Broadening the Ontology of Relating

21 Sep 2020

This seminar is based on a larger project, entitled, ‘Keeping Company: An anthropology of being in relation’. This project aims to anthropologise the praxis of...

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Foragers or farmers? Dark Emu and the Debate over Aboriginal Agriculture

31 Aug 2020

Bruce Pascoe’s book Dark Emu, which has been a publishing phenomenon in Australia, argues that Aboriginal people were not ‘mere’ hunter-gatherers in 1788, but...

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Blood ties: Kinship, reciprocity and love on heritage breed farms

24 Aug 2020

Fantasies of human mastery over nature are difficult to sustain as a 125 nanometre virus wreaks havoc across the globe, while the ecological crisis highlights...

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