Biological Anthropology Seminar Series


Dr Stacey Ward
Biological Anthropology Seminar Series

Biological Anthropology Seminar Series Semester 1 2024

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Please note : All seminars are held from 1pm to 2pm AEST and available via Zoom.

Friday, 22nd March
Dr San Passmore
Friday, 19 April
Associate Professor Karen L. Baab
Friday, 24 May
Sammuel Sammut

Upcoming events

Evolution and Variation in Pleistocene Homo

1–2pm 19 Apr 2024

This seminar will touch on a variety of subjects related to variation and evolution of Pleistocene Homo, including virtual reconstructions of fragmentary...

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The Bioarchaeology of Roman Imperialism: A Case Study from the Danube Limes

1–2pm 24 May 2024

The Bioarchaeology of Roman Imperialism: A Case Study from the Danube Limes This seminar will examine two skeletal samples from eastern Austria: one pre-Roman...

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Past events

Tracing the threads of linguistic and genetic diversity in New Guinea

22 Mar 2024

New Guinea is the heart of global linguistic diversity. New Guinea makes up 1% of the global land area as an island, containing less than Dr. Sam Passmore is...

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The biology of fatherhood in context: Evolutionary origins, cross-cultural perspectives, and health implications

23 Feb 2024

Human fathers have a fexible psychobiological capacity to respond to committed parenting with shifts in hormones such as testosterone, prolactin, and oxytocin...

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Studying collective behavior and social structure using tools from complex systems science

6 Oct 2023

Gabriel Ramos-Fernandez is a researcher on social complexity at the Applied Mathematics and Systems Research Institute at the National Autonomous University of...

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Human Dispersals Out of Africa

29 Sep 2023

The dispersal of Homo sapiens ‘Out of Africa’ and across Eurasia is one of the most significant topics in human evolutionary studies. The nature, timing and...

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Grandparental investment: This is just the beginning

22 Sep 2023

Exploring the lives of grandparents is a new and exciting field of enquiry. A multitude of factors influence the roles grandparents play in their families....

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Sex differences in allometry for phenotypic traits

25 Aug 2023

Sex differences in the lifetime risk and expression of disease are well-known. Preclinical research targeted at improving treatment, increasing health span,...

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Recent discoveries at the Drimolen hominin site and their bearing on our understanding of early hominin evolution in South Africa

11 Aug 2023

Prof Herries will talk about his team’s latest discoveries at the Drimolen hominin bearing site in South Africa, including the world’s oldest Homo erectus and...

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Environmental change and behavioural flexibility: Japanese monkeys and disability on Awaji Island, Japan

28 Jul 2023

What does it mean for an animal to have a physical disability? As human-induced environmental change increasingly impacts species and ecosystems in every part...

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Children of the Ice Age: What can the study of past children tell us about human evolution?

16 Jun 2023

Abstract Children were a significant part of Palaeolithic – and other prehistoric – societies. Indeed, it is probable that children constituted the largest...

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Human Pairbonding: Reconciling the Major Paradigms in the Evolutionary Behavioural Sciences

19 May 2023

Many would agree on the usefulness of evolutionary theory for understanding our bodies. There is less agreement, however, regarding its usefulness for...

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