3D imaging, Evo-Devo Research Group

3D imaging, Evo-Devo Research Group

The ‘3Devo’ (3D imaging, evolutionary development) research group primarily conducts quantitative morphological studies on evolution and development in mammals, aided by advanced imaging techniques, such as micro Computed Tomography and micro Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Our research is centred on how the process of development has shaped morphological evolution on different time scales. We work in the fields of evolutionary biology and biological anthropology, united through the application of statistical shape analysis and 3D modelling of hard and soft tissues to address questions that relate to adaptation, ecology and function.

We collaborate with colleagues in clinical settings (The Canberra Hospital, ANU Medical School) to apply 3D modelling and shape-based methods to research questions in the areas of trauma and orthopaedics, such as the management of acute (e.g., fracture) and chronic (e.g., osteoarthritis of the knee) conditions.

Laura Wilson has a background in biology and quantitative research in natural sciences. She leads a research agenda on the evolution of growth and development in mammals (humans and non-humans) and has a strong interest in the application and advancement of statistical shape methods to address evolutionary questions. Her research seeks to understand how developmental differences underpin morphological evolution at different time scales, including shorter time scales involved in animal domestication. She is a recognised expert in statistical shape analysis (geometric morphometric methods).

Research group members

Dr Laura Wilson – ARC Future Fellow

Nicolas Brualla – PhD student

Ceda Byrne – PhD student

Carley Goodwin – PhD student

Emma Holvast – PhD student

Yannick Pommery – PhD student

Bronwyn Wyatt – PhD student

Jo Menard – Masters student

Gerard Bourke – MChD student

Caitlin Howard – MChD student

Charis Lee - MChD student

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