Graduated PhD/MPhil students

Joanne Thurman
Warlpiri materiality

Cynthia Parayiwa
A mixed-method investigation of maternal cyclone exposure and perinatal health outcomes in Queensland, Australia

Nur Newaz Khan
The Ambiguous Authority and Cultural Economy of Vernacular Biomedicine at Retail Pharmacies in Bangladesh

Sophie Pezzutto
Sex Influencers: An Ethnographic Study of Transgender Pornography Workers

Lauren Nicole Prossor
Investigating Early Natufian Sedentism: The microstratigraphy of Wadi Hammeh 27, Jordan

Sarah McGrath
The impacts of logging and hunting pressure on the northern yellow-cheeked crested gibbon (Nomascus annamensis) in Veun Sai-Siem Pang National Park, Cambodia

Andrea Ballesteros Danel (PhD, SoAA)
Trans-Pacific Contact: A History of Ideas on the Oceania-Americas Connection

Penelope Bergen (PhD, SoAA)
The Development of the Culture of non-Aboriginal Government Workers in Remote Aboriginal Settlements in Central Australia: A Grounded Theory Study

Meng Cao (PhD, SoAA)
Diverse efficacy and moral complexity: the religious revival in rural China

Mohit Chaturvedi (PhD, SoAA)
Changing Practices of Meat Consumption among Hindus in a North Indian Town

Erlina Erlin (PhD, SoAA)
The Healing Corridor: A critical phenomenology of severe illness, imparment and care in Java

Elle Grono (PhD, SoAA)
Settlement at the Micro-scale: Microstratigraphy and micromorphology of transitional Neolithic settlement sites in Vietnam (5000 cal BP to 2500 cal BP)

Fina Itriyati (PhD, SoAA)
The Abandoned Survivors: newly disabled women after the 2006 Earthquake in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Jeffrey Kinch (PhD, SoAA)
Changing Lives and Livelihoods: Culture, Capitalism and Contestation over Marine Resources in Island Melanesia

Tse Siang Lim (PhD, SoAA)
Ceramic Variability, Social Complexity and the Political Economy in Iron Age Cambodia and Mainland Southeast Asia (c. 500 BC-AD 500)

Victor Melander (PhD, SoAA)
The Coming of the White Bearded Men: The Origin and development of Thor Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki Theory

Miranda Tahalele (PhD, SoAA)
State Ideology & Development Cooperation: The Symbolic Politics of Indonesia's South-South Cooperation

Kelzang Tashi (PhD, SoAA)
Contested past, challenging future: an ethnography of pre-Buddhist Bon religious practices in central Bhutan

Simon Theobold (PhD, SoAA)
The possibility of perfection: Living utopia in contemporary Mashhad

Yin Yang (PhD, SoAA)
Feeding ecology and conservation biology of the black or Myanmar snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus strykeri)

Drew Anderson (PhD, SoAA)
NGOing in Central Australia

Jilda Andrews (PhD, ICCR)
Encountering cultural material in museum collections: An Indigenous perspective

Sana Ashraf (PhD, SoAA)
Moral Anxiety in the 'Land of the Pure': Popular Justice and Anti-Blasphemy Violence in Pakistan

Stephanie Betz (PhD, SoAA)
Virtual People: Human-Image Relationships in the Digital Age

Lachlan Dudley (PhD, ICCR)
Mental Health in Museums: exploring the impact of mental health exhibitions on visitors and community groups

Grayson Gerrard (PhD, SoAA)
Factoring the Proto-biped Infant into the Origin of Bipedalism

Anthony Jefferies (PhD, SoAA)
Australian Aboriginal Higher Order Social Organisation and the Late Holocene

Manfred Heng Seng Lai (PhD, ICCR)
A Snapshot in Time: Adolescents' Communicative Preferences through Technology

Clare McFadden (PhD, SoAA)
Palaeodemography: A New Hope

Lauren Norton (PhD, SoAA)
Between moving bodies: Power, the senses and crafting the gifted body

Anton Nurcahyo (PhD, SoAA)
Geographic variation in orangutan skulls and teeth: Implications for orangutan conservation programs

Gavin Perri (PhD, SoAA)
The ecomorphology of the Monotreme cranium and the biogeography of Australia and New Guinea

Sarah Robertson (PhD, SoAA)
Differential diagnosis of Cribra Orbitalia within the Christ Church Spitalfields via Micro-CT analysis

Kenneth Ross (PhD, SoAA)
The Identity at Death of the Young and Old from the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages on the Southeast Asian Mainland

Glen Scott (PhD, SoAA)
The Late Iron Age of Northeast Thailand and Central-Northwest Cambodia: a tale of two regions

Nonie Tuxen (PhD, ICCR)
Seeking 'the foreign stamp': International education and the (re)production of class status in Mumbai, India

Maija Anita Vanags (MPhil, ICCR)
Printing Knowledge and Preserving Tradition: Screen Prints of the Tiwi Islands

Ross Wickham (PhD, SoAA)
Origins of sedentism: possible roles of ideology and shamanism in the transition


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