Dr Alvaro Gonzalez-Monge

Dr Alvaro Gonzalez-Monge

Position: Alumni in Bioanthropology
School and/or Centres: School of Archaeology and Anthropology

Email: alvaro.gonzalez@anu.edu.au

Thesis title: Socioecology of the Sichuan Snub-nosed Monkey (Rhinopithecus roxellana) in the wild

Research interests: My main research interests are the ecology, behaviour and social organization in non human primates, especially Asian species, as well as their conservation.


The objective of my thesis is to determine the diet, ranging behaviour, habitat use, activity budget and social organization of the Sichuan or Golden Snub-nosed Monkey (Rhinopithecus roxellana) in the Tangjiahe Reserve, situated in northern Sichuan Province, in South-western China. These results will contribute to the amount of information on ecology and social behaviour on this species, as studies regarding this species in Sichuan haven’t been as numerous as other studies done in northern Chinese states. It can be used as well to know more about how the species adapts socially and ecologically to the changing conditions during the different seasons of the year.

I also did a Masters degree in Primatology in the University of Barcelona, where my masters' thesis dealt with aggression and social organization in a group of Red- capped Mangabey (Cercocebus torquatus) in Barcelona Zoo.

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